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2 Hungarian Dances - Original Gypsy Melodies (mind)  23 sor     (cikkei)
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7 SK-H treaty ambivalent? (mind)  32 sor     (cikkei)
8 The Horn's govt.'s incompetence (mind)  52 sor     (cikkei)

+ - Agric. Extension in Hungary (request for info.)) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Hi everyone,
This is my first post to this list. I am amazed by
the breadth of the discussion here & I'm afraid this isn't going
to fuel any great debates, I'm just looking for information.
I'm hoping to go to Hungary this summer to work on my thesis &
I am trying to find out about the state of Hungarian agricultural
extension services:
The organisational structure of extension services;
Are they linked to the universities, the ministry or both,
Source and level of funding;
Role of private consultants or commercial companies etc.

I'd be grateful if anyone could help me or supply any
relevant addresses, e-mail or otherwise.

I've found this list very useful in getting some idea of
the country (it seems to cover almost anything) & I hope I
can be of help to any of you.

Adam Ball,
Dept. of Agribusiness, Extension & Rural Development,
University College Dublin, Ireland.
+ - Hungarian Dances - Original Gypsy Melodies (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

[ Article crossposted from rec.music.classical ]
[ Author was DeJean ]
[ Posted on 28 Mar 1995 07:23:31 GMT ]

Is there someone who knows pointers towards recordings of the original
gypsy melodies which Brahms used for this Hungarian Dances?

Thanks in advance,


DeJean                    Vrije Universiteit Brussel                   Belgium
              Instituut voor Moleculaire Biologie en Biotechnologie


+ - A Summary (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Re: Debate on the efficacy of accepting obsolete, but so-called
    "free" MiGs as a means toward a credible national defense.

Background: the political leadership of a small country purports to
assure its population that it is capable to defend its sovereignty
against potential aggressors.

Point of Contention: Should overpriced, obsolete MiGs be obtained to
assure viability of this proposition?

A sad tale which encapsulates the essence of a small country's approach
to governing:

1. Leadership of a small country finds that its defenses are inadequate
to deter an aggressor.

2. This small country is owed a huge sum of money by a powerful, but
economically strapped neighbor. The latter also has a huge armaments
industry, but due to the change in the world situation is unable to sell
its wares.

3. The powerful neighbor needs to demonstrate to its creditors that it
is a good credit risk and "repays" its debts.

4. The war materiel produced in this large country is no longer first
rate. Iraqis (those few who survived to tell their story, testify to
the quality of this materiel).

5. The leadership of the small country, also at the edge of bankruptcy,
decides to help out their former comrades of the powerful neighbor. They
are fully aware of the obsolescence, poor quality and lack of durability
of the equipment offerred as repayment. Having studied at prestigious
school of the powerful neighbor, they also know that since 1950, in all
wars in which the equipment of the powerful neighbor was used against
those of the Occident, the life expectancy of their pilots was measured
in a few (where few is a small number) engagements. The leadership of
the small country also knows that its potential adversaries have the
same equipment as what the powerful neighbor wishes to dump, but in much
larger numbers than what it will get. Thus, the lives of the best of
its young will be sacrificed, should a war break out, without any
prospect of deterring the enemy.

6. The leadership of the small country agrees to the offer of the
powerful neighbor and gets a small number of the obsolete planes. It
helps the powerful neighbor, but does nothing for its own defense.
Indeed, it squanders, once again, the wealth of its own people. Voices
are raised that it is a terrific deal. For they say, "it costs us

7. The canard is repeated over and over again. Yet, repetition does not
make it true.

+ - Re: Washington, D.C. - WWW page for programs (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >, Gotthard
Saghi-Szabo > writes:
>I have created a WWW page for listing programs of Hungarian interest in
>the DC area. The URL address is :
>It can be reached from my homepage, too, that is :
>I plan to extend the coverage to other areas too, especially if you are
>willing to contribute .
>email : 
>> In article >, paul
> writes:
>> Can you tell me how to get tp the home page?  I do not know how to use WWW.
>> assume
>> it is with Mosaic?  Can you send me the keystrokes to start Mosaic and to
>> your
>> homepage?
>> Paul

Szervusz Paul,
I assume that your system administrator has already set up
everything for you, that is you have access to a correctly working
WWW server, and one of the softwares below is installed on your system.


1, Pull down the File menu
2, click on
   Open URL...
   This will bring up a smaller window
   URL To Open:
3, Type in
4, Hit 'enter' or click on the
   'Open' button
5, You can add it to your 'Hotlist', that is choose
   Add current to the hotlist
   from the Navigate menu
6, Next time, if you want to look up things, you just go to the
   Navigate menu
   and click on Hotlist ...
7, This will bring up a window, where you have to select one of the items
   from the 'hotlist', then either double click, hit 'enter' or select 'Go To'
   to go to the particular selection of yours

LYNX - text only browser

1, press the 'g' button, then type in the address
2, LYNX also has a 'hotlist' option

NETSCAPE - I recommend it

1, pull down  the File menu and click on
   Open Location
2, type in the address you want to go to, e.g.
3, hit 'enter'


1, If you have the 'Location:' window open
   'Show Location' is selected from Options menu
   simply type in the address in that window, then hit enter

Hotlist - it is called Bookmarks in Netscape's 'language', and is
obvious to use - select 'Add Bookmarks' from the Bookmarks menu

email : 
+ - Re: A Summary (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Csaba Zoltani (ACISD/CTD) wrote:

: 5. The leadership of the small country, also at the edge of bankruptcy,
: decides to help out their former comrades of the powerful neighbor.

I'm sorry, but IMHO you are using what you wish to prove as evidence in that
proof, a _petitio principio_ if my dog still knows his Latin.

+ - Washington, D.C. - Concert (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

MARCH  31.  1995 , FRIDAY

*  8:00 PM 03/31/95                     CONCERT

 Washington Music Ensemble
 Pieces by Dohnanyi, Bartok, Kodaly and Haydn

 Embassy of the Republic of Hungary.
 2950 Spring of Freedom Street, N.W.
 Washington, D.C.

 Tickets are $22/each
 For more information call (202)-625-2361

email : 
+ - SK-H treaty ambivalent? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Austrian experts: Slovako-Hungarian traty ambiguous.
(Rakuski odbornici: Slovensko-madarska zmluva je dvojzmyselna)
The title says it all - it's what many feared regarding the hastily
prepared treaty signed in Paris last week. An article after Die Presse
daily (Austria) and CTK has been published in today's SME. URL is

Authors say that the text of the treaty offers support to viewpoints
of both sides. Tactical move to show compliance with conditions for
admission to the EU has been a success but the document got subject
of interpretation quarrels that show exactly the opposite what it was
expected to show: European maturity, wrote Die Presse.

Positions of both sides show that the situation of ethnic minorities,
which should have been resolved in priority by the treaty, in reality
is not touched. Some significance have only points allowing the minorities
to found political parties (Rumania refuses that) and giving up the
principe that minority realities are "an internal affair" of every State
and have to be submitted to control by international public.

On the other side, when it comes to the "autonomy of minorities", it
will be hard to quote the Recommendation No. 1201 because in that document,
right to have autonomous regional organs is not expressely mentioned.
More, it's only a "recommendation" that is considered as the "most
advanced" document related to minority rights.

So far the article regarding the opinion of Austrian international law

Roman Kanala

(all disclaimers apply.)
+ - The Horn's govt.'s incompetence (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I am getting rather fed-up with the incompetence of the Hungarian government.
In the last two weeks or so I was somewhat optimistic because at last Horn
became convinced that something must be done in the economic sphere because
otherwise Hungary will not receive any further loans from the IMF. That was
the good news. The bad news is that none of the economic measures has been
properly prepared and the government spokesmen are unable to give any
information whatsoever about the extent of these measures. But there are
other problems as well. One simply doesn't know anymore whom one should
believe. Horn goes to Moscow and returns to Hungary with the fabulous news
that Russia is no longer worried about the East European countries' joining
NATO. I was somewhat surprised by this news because all Western reports
talked about exactly the opposite. I said to myself: well, our Gyula must be
a persuasive man! Well, it turns out that he might be a liar instead. I
assume most of you read the same news today I did: Kozyrov, after talking to
Horn and Laszlo Kovacs, strongly suggested some other security measures for
Hungary and the rest of Eastern Europe. Of course, there is still the
possibility of Yeltsin being a liar!

Then there is the Slovak-Hungarian treaty. I was originally elated--at last
here is the beginning of understanding with our neighbors. Now it turns out
that some crucial passages are being interpreted differently by Slovakia and
by Hungary. But how can two people with such extensive diplomatic experience
as Horn and Kovacs not being aware that certain passages are ambiguous?
Moreover, how is it possible that this difference of opinion didn't come up
during the negotiations?

And if that wasn't enough here is a bit of more trouble. Bokros, the new finan
ce minister, announced only a few days ago that privatization was very slow
in the last few months and very little money was received through this
channel. Therefore, privatization must be accelerated, failing companies must
be sold, if necessary, for 1 Ft. because the state no longer can bear the
burden of pumping money into them. Well, well, I said--thank God, at last
this will happen too. But what do I read today? Three state companies will be
bailed out again by the government--these three belong to about a dozen such
companies which will receive assistance by the government! Well, poor Bokros,
you may find out in due course that being a foreign minister of Hungary under
Horn is no fun!

Finally, here is my friend Tamas Suchman, whom I didn't like very much from
day one. He seems to have promised some state property to the trade unions in
spite of the fact that Bokros said the opposite and spoke darkly of
resignation if that happens. So, here are a few examples of the expertise of
this government.

I am afraid the Horn government is truly inept and they are in power in the
worst possible time; that is, then the country is in grave economic trouble.
An MDF spokesman said that Hungary's reputation abroad suffered since this
government took over. I am afraid, I have to agree with him, although I was
not looking on the former government with favor. They did a lot of stupid and
harmful things too, but at least Hungary's reputation abroad did not suffer.

Eva Balogh